Songs of Labour – Dragon speaks
200 x 80 cm x 80 cm

From January till April 2020 I had been working on a new version of a rotating shadow-lamp. This process was a feast of handicraft and instinct - wise working. Especially during the days of the Corona lockdown the process of designing and cutting became my mental retreat from stress and anxiety.

The cargobike dealer Busybike (link)had commissioned the work.

The work is infused by my fascination for German folk craft from the mountain region Erzgebirge.
Those craft men and women had been starting making beautiful craft after their work in the mines and households with whole families in their homes as an extra source of income. Want to learn more about the traditional lamps? Click here

Songs of Labour
Dragon speaks

A Dragon ‘s work out
Burns out
Sits in.
Takes a ride on the bike
Cycles the circle of life

Dragon‘s soul works
Is the the mental Labour fully shared?

Does the Dragon of Luck feel?
Like a cog in the wheel of the life - work balance
Like a hamster running in a wheel
Like a star on a bike
The privilege of Labour.