Chasing Shadows Of Schlemihl's Zoo
Fiction Story and photography, lambda print, 70 - 40cm

Public Reading at DAI, Arnhem, 2014

Publication at Arid Journal For Desert Art Design and Ecology
Look here for the whole text.

Excerpt: Schlemihl stands in the desert. The cicadas are screaming like man-made sirens. The sun is slowly pushing the shadows of the cacti around their own axes. The occasional windy ghost of sand, dances around him like a whirling dervish. Walls of former houses are crumbling. The processes of ruination are all around him but he holds on. He has become united with the natural forces of light, wind and earth; yet he stays focused, standing as still as a salt figure. He holds a device in his gloved hands, trying to catch the shadows of the invisible aliens that trespass the horizon.

Exhibited at Lunberyard, TAAK at Marfa, Summerschool Link to TAAK:Learn TAAK