In the meantime I finalized the fiction story Chasing Shadows of Schlemihl's Zoo during the Summerschool of TAAK in Marfa Texas, in Mei/June 2014. BLOGTAAK

The experience of that place and the seminar around notions of borders, desert, ruins and public art gave the final touch to the story. There was one public reading, but I am looking forward for more opportunities to share. It is published at the Arid-A Journal Of Desert Art Design and Ecology. ARID

I started there also with new photographic work depicting moonshadows. Feel free to take a look at: here.

During the last two months I focused on writing my Master thesis for the DAI - Dutch Art Institute. I propose the shadow as a metaphor for difference or similarity/identity reading Lacan, Bhabha and other icons of post-colonial theory and looking at art which refers to the process of stereotyping and recognition. Trying to understand the shadow-paradox. And if there is any...

Most recently I am involved in the workshops for the expats at the VanAbbemuseum, Eindhoven: Finding a new form for art: Sharing instead of presenting...?