August 2019

Last year I got invited to present a small edition by PLUGIN, Schloss Ringenberg.
PLUGIN (2016-2019) is a project that wants to strengthen the economical skills of young artists and curators by creating an alternative market for contemporary art. Proud to be presented for example in Museum Gogh, Plup Düsseldorf, Expoplu Nijmegen and several concept-stores. The photographic work 'Penumbra asks Shadow' is one from the series 'Ombre Trouvee': An ongoing project of found shadows. On their website you can see all the editions of the artists and the shops in cities of the Rhine Region where they were distributed, click here.

Enthusiastic about the small size I continued working in that in two interconnected projects.
How have my relationships and feelings of belonging evolved towards those two groups of people?
First a book with cut outs referring to my relationship towards my biological family in rural Northern Germany. Click here for more.
Second a book with collages, text and photographs referring to my bond with the host family in Czech republic, where I spent a year when I was 16 years old. What does it actually mean to have family in a globalized world? What does it mean to feel familiar with a group people even though we do not speak the same mother tongue, have lived in different countries of the Former Eastern and Western Europe. Click here for more.