September 2016
The publication Karbon Arnhem File #5 Wanneer stopt toen? will be released soon as a fysical print.

Published in the framework of Sonsbeek'16 International TransAction it is already digitally available here:

The Karbon Arnhem File #5 Wanneer stopt toen? consists of two manuals: First 'How to organize a workshop de-postcolonial affective timelines' contributed by myself and second 'How to organize a Remember Day Parade' by Agung Kurniawan. As an intermezzo we publish a short text by researcher Hypatia Voulournis.

My related social artistic research project Wanneer stopt toen? (When does the past stop?) aims to investigate the traces of the colonial past in the field of education and art, together with participants of workshops, readings, performance lectures, expositions, public city walks etc.

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